San Diego Photographer - David Moore
© David Moore

Lights at the Beach

You aren't supposed to shoot in the middle of the day, but I like how it looks when you use lights during the day. I love the sky that time of day. I used a single Godox AD200 through a Cheetahstand Cheetah 26" Quick SoupBowl softbox. 

2016-10-13 EK

A few weeks back I got to shoot with Erin Kennedy up in Santa Monica, at Tongva Park.  I have been trying to get outside to shoot, to get out of my box in the studio. This was the second shoot like this I had gotten to do (I'll post from the first one soon). I am SUPER happy with the results, and I really hope I get to shoot more work like this. Erin was amazing to shoot with, just super great to work with .

2016-06-11 Petersen Museum

On a cold, early for me, Saturday morning I drove up to Los Angeles for their monthly Drive In event. Kind of a "Cars and Coffee" event, once a month, held on the open deck of the Museum's parking garage.

This month was a special event, because they were doing the official "North American Debut" of the Lamborghini Centario. Along with this, the featured marque was, of course, Lamborghini. There were quite a few newer models, but sadly not many older ones! The new cars are great, but I really love the older ones.

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