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Do you ever take photos just for the sake of taking photos?

I sometimes wonder if pros just grab their cameras and shoot just because they like photography, or if it becomes a burden. I hope it never becomes a burden in my life.

Yesterday, I went to the backyard with a beer (Stone w00tstout) and my camera and shot around. Just kind of goofed off for lack of a better term. "what if I put the bottle here and shoot into the light like this...?" That kind of thing. Shoot random clouds, random things in the yard, just playing. Hopefully other photographers do this kind of lame shit too, or else I am just a crazy person! 

  • Trying to get back in the swing of things...

    I have not been shooting as often as I like to lately. Too much worrying about this site, too much worrying about everything else, and not enough camera time. So over the last few days I have been spending a lot of time with my eye to the viewfinder, or…

    I was hoping to go to the SCTA event at El Mirage this weeke…

    I was kind of excited to get up pre-dawn and haul my butt up to El Mirage this weekend, but it looks like it is rained out. Hopefully I can get my lazy behind to another event instead! I am wanting to shoot as much as possible, I am all fired up to shoot…

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