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Monday Morning Running of the Bulls.

Monday I drove up to Auto Club Speedway, in Fontana, CA, to get some photos of Lamborghinis running in the Super Trofeo race. Monday, and the Monday after an Indy Car race, seems like an odd day to have race two of the double header weekend for these buys, but I'm not an event orginizer, what do I know! I DO know that by it being on a Monday, I got to attend the event.

I really had no knowlwdgw of this series before, and all I really know now is that Kevin Conway is running in it and seems to be the class of the field. I will have to see where he is racing next year. Racing in a V10 midengined AWD(is the Super Trofeo AWD? I really should know that!) Gallardo is probably a LOT different from when he was racing in NASCAR!

I would love to see this series on a smaller track, or with a lrger field. It looks like it really has the possibility of being quite a spectacle, but there weren't a TON of cars on the track Monday. A few were left sitting in the pits (Possibly arrive and drive cars who's drivers couldn't race on a Monday, I am not sure).

I did love the repair job in this car. I don't think that corner was making the same amount of downforce at the end of the weekend as it was at the begining.

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