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Floating Peppers

The other day I bought a box of small peppers to photograph. It was a little box with a lot of tiny little peppers in it, thankfully my 100mm macro lets me get REAL close. haha.

I was shooting them and wanted to make them be a little more seperated from the slate I was using as a background, I decided to try to make them "float".

Try #1Try #1

This was my first try. A very very fancy solution. Broke a toothpick into pieces and jammed them in the back of the pepper. It worked, but was too subtle. This came out like this!

Then I shot the smaller pepper again.

Try #2Try #2

This much less subtle solution was much harder to ballance, BUT I GOT IT TO WORK! haha!

I love trying to make ideas work, its what I liked about working in software companies doing QA, and its was I really love about shooting product and food. Come up with an idea an figure out how to make it work!

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