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2015-10-10 The Wandering Drive

On Saturday Oct 10, I felt like driving to the middle of nowhere. So, I sort of did. The map above is the approximate route I took before I turned around. As you will see, I pretty much of lucked out as far as where I ended up as the sun set.

I figured I would give my car a quick shampoo before I left, since I knew I would be taking lots of pictures of my traveling companion. It didn't really make it clean, just less dirty.

The first thing I did was put in "Palm Springs" and "Avoid Freeways", I sort of knew the way to go, but I figured I would follow what the map said, sort of. Of course it took me out the 76 to the 79, but I made the obvious detour up Palomar Mt.

The 76 to the 79, then you turn onto 371, which is nothing special of a road but there is a spot near the end of it that has lots of green trees. 

After this you hit the 74 which takes you down to Palm Springs. I love the view from up there, and it is a relatively fun descent to the valley. It was a little too crowded but still fun. And when I got down I found a pretty good Italian deli and had a rad sandwich, which I totally probably should have taken a photo of and didn't. 

From here I wasn't sure where to go, so I put in "Las Vegas" and kept the "Avoid Freeways" option clicked. I didn't know if I would actually make it, but the map sent me off into the middle of nowhere so I said "ok".

Because I have a thing for taking pictures of window powered generators, I had to get a couple shots when I was leaving Palm Springs along the 62. 

From here the drive was more scenic than fun. Long long straights and then more long straights. I went through cities I barely recognized the name of, and just kept on going. Eventually the 62 gets more secluded and I had to admit being out in the open alone made me pretty happy. Gawking at the landscape, randomly pulling over and parking the car to get some shots (and one time accidentally setting the ISO to some xx,xxx number that made some cool shots useless! I did save one (the shot from IN the car driving down the road). 

At one point it looked like I was MAYBE going to make it to Las Vegas, but the road that it wanted me to take wasn't paved! So, I kept going and going. As the sun was getting lower in my rearview mirror, I just kept hoping and hoping I would find a spot that was good to shoot at sunset.  As I saw the sun just barely hit the top of the hills I was passing a row of tanker cars sitting alone on the train tracks. I knew I had found my stopping point and got out and photographed until I had no more light. 

When I got back into my car, I looked at the drive time to 3 places, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Home. it was something like 3 hours vs 3 hours vs 3.5 hours, which made me think I did a good job of getting to the middle of nowhere, but also made the decision easy. I'd spent so much damn money on gas my wallet begged me to go home. 

My car is COVERED in bugs, and I am a bit tired of driving, but I got some great photos and I smiled a lot. 

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