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2016-04-19 Let's try this again

This is the beginning of a new daily photo journey.

I have been very "meh" about photography lately. I have felt like I have been doing a lot of things other people wanted, and very little that I have wanted to do. And then the few times I tried to do something that I wanted to do, I somehow made that into something that I wasn't super into by not pushing myself and not getting the most out of the shoot. Let's say I was shooting with a model, I would kind of let them lead and not really direct. So I would put all this time and effort into something and when I was done my reaction would be "eh..." This is no one's fault but my own.

So, how to change this. Well I am going to spend more time and effort on shooting what I want. And more importantly, more time just playing with my cameras. This, a 28th attempt at a daily photo blog, is an attempt to maybe force myself into the playing. Momentum is a big thing with me, I got used to NOT having my camera on me all the time. So, now I am trying to get used to always having it with me, again. 

  • 2015-10-10 The Wandering Drive

    On Saturday Oct 10, I felt like driving to the middle of nowhere. So, I sort of did. The map above is the approximate route I took before I turned around. As you will see, I pretty much of lucked out as far as where I ended up as the sun…

    2016-04-20 Daily Photo

    Just an abstracty photo of a water glass from lunch.

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