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Floating Peppers

The other day I bought a box of small peppers to photograph. It was a little box with a lot of tiny little peppers in it, thankfully my 100mm macro lets me get REAL close. haha.

I was shooting them and wanted to make them be a little more seperated from the slate I was using as a background, I decided to try to make them "float".

Try #1Try #1

This was my first try. A very very fancy solution. Broke a toothpick into pieces and jammed them in the back of the pepper. It worked, but was too subtle. This came out like this!

Then I shot the smaller pepper again.

Try #2Try #2

This much less subtle solution was much harder to ballance, BUT I GOT IT TO WORK! haha!

I love trying to make ideas work, its what I liked about working in software companies doing QA, and its was I really love about shooting product and food. Come up with an idea an figure out how to make it work!

Suburban Photography

I have had a cold for a week. It would not have lasted that long had I not been foolish enough to go out with a friend for a few beers one night, and to drive up to Willow Springs to attend Big Bore Bash, AND to then go to my friend's photo show. But, it was all worth being a little sick for a day or two more. Trade offs are a bitch!

I have gotten a little stir crazy though, so today I ventured all the way OUTSIDE. WHOA! And I shot with my favorite combo, the Canon 5D3 and Sigma 35mm f1.4.

There has been a lot of talk about "pure photography" lately, with the release of the new Nikon DF with dials on top of it, no video capabilities (yay! I like that part!) and it's retro looks. I have read people saying how using it will be a vacation from your normal cameras, people comparing cameras like the D800 and 5D3 to trucks, just being tools and not fun to use.

Maybe I am odd, but my 5D3 with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 on it is far from a hammer, or pickup truck, or cordless drill. Its a more like a paint brush, or mechanical pencil to me. It is comfy in my hand and it does its job so well it lets me forget about it. I just look around and think up some whacky image I want to make and this thing does as well as I can make it. Its the first camera set up I have used that I don't worry about restrictions with. I don't worry about noise, I don't worry about it missing focus, I don't worry about there being too little light. It frees me up to try ANYTHING.

I don't need metal knobs, retro looks, and pants that are too short to do that, I just need a camera that fits my hand comfortably and works AMAZINGLY.

OK, that off my chest... lol here are 3 random images I took today. I love taking images like these. I need to start just walking and shooting where ever I am at sunset.

Click on the photos to make them bigger!

2013 All Star Bash at Willow Springs

Last weekend at beautiful Willow Springs International Motorsports Park, Just Drift hosted the 2013 All Star Bash. A large, crazy, multiday party that has drifting happening. I love it just because the more oddball cars come out. Toyota Cressidas, old Nissan 200SX's, the real fun stuff. I love the big bad ass cars of Formula Drift, but this stuff is more fun.

All day and through a good part of the night, dozens and dozens of cars go though tire after tire, drifting around The Streets of Willow on Saturday and moving over to The Horse Thief Mile on Sunday. I was unfortunately only there Saturday, I need to figure out how to make camping there all weekend work next year!

So click on any of the above photos to see the whole gallery, or click here!

Monday Morning Running of the Bulls.

Monday I drove up to Auto Club Speedway, in Fontana, CA, to get some photos of Lamborghinis running in the Super Trofeo race. Monday, and the Monday after an Indy Car race, seems like an odd day to have race two of the double header weekend for these buys, but I'm not an event orginizer, what do I know! I DO know that by it being on a Monday, I got to attend the event.

I really had no knowlwdgw of this series before, and all I really know now is that Kevin Conway is running in it and seems to be the class of the field. I will have to see where he is racing next year. Racing in a V10 midengined AWD(is the Super Trofeo AWD? I really should know that!) Gallardo is probably a LOT different from when he was racing in NASCAR!

I would love to see this series on a smaller track, or with a lrger field. It looks like it really has the possibility of being quite a spectacle, but there weren't a TON of cars on the track Monday. A few were left sitting in the pits (Possibly arrive and drive cars who's drivers couldn't race on a Monday, I am not sure).

I did love the repair job in this car. I don't think that corner was making the same amount of downforce at the end of the weekend as it was at the begining.

Click on any of the photos to be taken to the whole gallery!

Rainy Day $8 photo shoot.

So, I had an idea for some shots I wanted to make on my table top set up, so I went shopping for supplies. A trip to Home Depot yielded 1 marble tile and 1 slate tile for the shoot. Then I went to Sprouts and picked up a couple subjects, onions, garlic, and a couple pasilla peppers. I don't have the reciepts but it was like $8 for all of that stuff.

Yesterday was a rare rainy day in San Diego, so it seemed like a good day to set up and play with lights. Each subject called for a different light modifier. Tha garlic got a stip box, but when I tried it on the onion it didn't look right. SO I swapped out to my 47" Octabox. That worked nicely on the onion, but wasn't QUITE right for the peppers. Luckily I was able to get what I wanted by just popping in a grid on the Octabox!

So, here are the results!

SCPA at Old Speed VW

One of the ways I learned how to photograph models was going to group shoots though One of the more interesting groups on there is Southern California Photographers Association. What I love about the group is they shoot at places I am interested in shooting at, because Fred Blood, the guy that runs it, is into cars and racing! So we end up at much more interesting places than just studios (though Wonderland Studios where the group also meets up is a great, fun studio).

So this Sunday we met up at Old Speed, which is a VW repair/restoration/modification shop. They do some pretty awesome work and brought out great cars for us to shoot with. And Fred gathered up some great models, hair stylists, and makeup artists to place around all the cars and parts that we were allowed to shoot with.

Because we were going to be shooting cars and models, I brought out my new Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 so I could go wider to get a whole car in confined space, and to have 1.8 for shooting in a dark auto shop.

Yes 18mm even on a crop sensor will cause unwanted distortion if you put a model's head too close to a corner, but if you keep everything safely in the middle, or use the longer end of the zoom, it works fine I think. Throughout the day I found this lens to work very well with my 7D. I shot quite a few images wide open with no flash and it never had an issue hunting for focus in the dark shop areas I shot a few images in.

That's 1.8, which ofcourse when you are use to 1.4 on a FULL frame camera, the depth of field seems huge, but its really nice for a crop sensor and a zoom lens.

Of course I had lights to play with most of the time, and at the f stops I was using with the lights the lens is plenty sharp (f8-f11 I believe is where I bounced around). I need to get an adapter for my filters. As I am a Canon shooter, most of my lenses that are from Canon share a 77mm front filter size. But of course this is not a Canon lens, and the size of the front filter is 72mm. But luckily I can get an adapter that will stop down all my B+W 77mm filters to 72mm. We will see if there is any vingetting at 18mm, hopefully it won't happen!

So, here are a few images taken with the lights. I am particularly happy with the burnout photo, because I have always wanted to set up lights to shoot a burnout! Now I want to do it again!

Until next time!