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2013-09-21 Carlsbad Cars

Went down to my local (3 miles away) Saturday morning car gathering. I was pretty blurry brained this morning because I was up late playing GTAV and watching reruns of The Untouchables. The Untouchables is a seriously rad show, you should watch it.

SO anyways, I went to Carlsbad Cars this morning and tried out my new Sigma 18-35mm f1.8. It certainly isn't the ZOMG amazeballs lens that the Sigma 35mm 1.4 is, but I am pretty happy with it. A crop sensor just isn't a full frame sensor, but I still like it. Just have been spoiled for a while, have to get over that!

When I got to Carlsbad Cars I was surprised to see Scott with The Homer pulling off the trailer and parking. Had no idea he was coming up to this! There was some interesting cars aside from that (you can see plenty of photos of The Homer elsewhere on this site!) and I grabbed a few photos of them, check them out.

A little experimenting in the ol' Photoshop.

I kinda love this photo, so I am playing with it in Photoshop. I had a random idea (a layer of medium blue grey then fiddle with levels, I am starting to use levels a lot more lately). I really wanted to have the red pop and the texture in the dry lake bed look gnarly. I think its getting there. I will probably play with it again and see what else I can do.

Maybe I should use Nik plugins. HMM.

Cars and Coffee Irvine 09-14-2013

Some amazingly awesome friends of mine race in the 24 Hours of LeMons and have built The Homer. I helped a tiny teeny bit on it, and they let me take pictures of it. Go over to their site to read the whole story, but its a 325e that has been racing with LeMons almost from the start. And it doesn't just look good, it has taken 2 5th place finishes and an 8th I believe. Not bad when you consider the number of cars at the start is usualy well north of 100!!

This weekend they hauled it up to Cars and Coffee in Irvine held in the parking lot of a Mazda corporate building (and Taco Bell corporate is where the spectators park). So it sounded like a fabulous excuse to go, see my friends, and then goof off around Orange County for the day. Here is a gallery of photos from Cars and Coffee. I particularly would like to drive the Nismo Nissan Leaf RC.

I was hoping to go to the SCTA event at El Mirage this weekend...

I was kind of excited to get up pre-dawn and haul my butt up to El Mirage this weekend, but it looks like it is rained out. Hopefully I can get my lazy behind to another event instead! I am wanting to shoot as much as possible, I am all fired up to shoot right now!

So, since I won't be at EL Mirage this weekend, here is a shot of Nebulous Theorem VIII. I like this shot because it shows you HOW TINY this liitle thing is. I love the shape of it.

Here is a video about it!

Do you ever take photos just for the sake of taking photos?

I sometimes wonder if pros just grab their cameras and shoot just because they like photography, or if it becomes a burden. I hope it never becomes a burden in my life.

Yesterday, I went to the backyard with a beer (Stone w00tstout) and my camera and shot around. Just kind of goofed off for lack of a better term. "what if I put the bottle here and shoot into the light like this...?" That kind of thing. Shoot random clouds, random things in the yard, just playing. Hopefully other photographers do this kind of lame shit too, or else I am just a crazy person! 

Trying to get back in the swing of things...

I have not been shooting as often as I like to lately. Too much worrying about this site, too much worrying about everything else, and not enough camera time. So over the last few days I have been spending a lot of time with my eye to the viewfinder, or moving lights around, and even did a stint assisting. I think I am going to try to do that as much as I can. If nothing else it gets me out of my comfort some! something I need to do more and more!

So, here are a bunch of photos from the last few days!

French Pressa photo of my french press

This is my French press. I have one cup of coffee a day, made in this. I like the whole process of it, and it tastes a lot better than Costco coffee out of a K cup!

This was the sunset from a few days ago, I thought it was pretty spectacular.

These are my Shure headphones. I got them on sale, they are used pretty heavily and still look like new and work like new. Not bad!

These are clouds I shot just today from the backyard while drinking aforementioned coffee! To the east of me the on a hot day with lots of moisture in the air, the air hits the mountains and goes up and then gets over the hot desert and goes up and makes these clouds. Its pretty, and distracted me from the heat and humidity.

And, this is a selfie I took while I had the lights set up. I wanted a photo of me with my new glasses. haha. 

That's all for now. I am sure I will have something new to put up soon.