San Diego Photographer - David Moore
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Sonoma Raceway road trip.

A bit over a week ago I ran up to NorCal to take some photos of a very bad ass car ( They were doing a test day at Sonoma Raceway, which happened to be a few weeks out from the big Monterey Reunion weekend, so there wer a few more vintage cars out testing than I would think was normal. THough, this is Sonoma, so who knows.

After the day at the track, I spent some time with family and friends. And of course, I had my camera when their horses were out.

Then after some more driving and hanging with friends, I drove home the slow way. I love Highway 1 down the California coast. Yes, its was a summer Sunday so it was crowded, and 17 Mile Drive in Carmel was COVERED with people like me trying to get photos of the sights, but it was still beautiful, and still a great drive down the coast. If you get a chance, it is something you should do.

THat's all for right now. I am hoping to get on the road again soon! And more pictures will come.


April 4, 2013 Sunset Images

I was in need of some images for my Project 52 class that I am doing (online photo class), so I headed to the beach for what I thought might end up being a pretty nice sunset. As luck would have it, it was, and I got the images I was looking for and a few more. Below are some of the photos.

2013 Car Event and Formula Drift Tech Day

Went up to Irvine to check out the Formula Drift Tech Day and accompanying car show. It almost could have just called "Gathering of 86's" because there were SO many Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ's there. That's not ALL that was there, but there sure were a ton of them considering the limited number of them sold.  I think it shows the level of enthusiast that is purchasing these cars.  People that are REALLY into the automotive scene.

So, go check out my gallery of images from the day, and look for more hopefully coming up after Formula Drift in Long Beach.

Another Week of Shooting...

Last week I had a lot of fun shooting some different types of things. Shooting in the Carlsbad Flower Fields with just natural light, shooting a couple fantastic models on the beach with a decent sized flash, and then of course, shooting some cars. This time the cars were at the 1/8th mile dragstrip on Barona Indian Reservation. And JUST over a week ago I was shooting a bike race up in Long Beach!  So its been a busy 8 days. Gotta say, I love every minute of it.

So, enjoy the photos, have a good week!

March 7, 2013

So, here I am playing with a new website, and being pretty busy shooting as much as I possily can (well, the rain today and this weekend might kill that trend a little bit...). Saturday I shot some motorsports, Monday I shot a couple great models, and the rest of this week I have been processing and doing some learning. Its been a good week!

Here are some pictures from this week -

Hopefully I will have more to share next week, gotta get out and shoot!