San Diego Photographer - David Moore
© David Moore


Many years ago, I had a Miata. I have had 2 since then, but there was a first. One of the things that sort of defined it for me was something silly, the Voodoo shift knob. The other day I found out they made one that fits my FRS, and immediately ordered it. This is that knob.

2016-04-24 Liberty Station

I had nothing to do this afternoon (ok I could have cleaned, organized, taken things out of boxes that I should have taken out of boxes 6 months ago, details details), so I decided I would go check out Liberty Market in Liberty Station. I could walk a little, take some pictures, and check the place out. When I get to Liberty Station, it is a beautiful day out, I find parking, and walk to Liberty Market where I find a mass of people standing around packed in like sardines looking for some cool foodie experience. I took a photo and left to walk to the other side of Liberty Station to a sushi place that is ok. BUT I got a little extra walking in, so I guess that is ok. 

Camera nerd notes - shot with my Fuji XT10 with a Contax G 45mm f2 lens. 

2016-04-23 Palomar to Alpine Mt Drive

So, at 10pm on Friday night, because I am lame and am at home at that time, I ordered an adapter to put Contax G lenses on my Fuji XT10. At 10am on Saturday morning, it was delivered. Amazon is crazy. All of the following shots were from my Fuji XT10 with a Contax G 21mm f2.8 lens on it. I am still getting used to the whole manual focusing thing (haven't had to do that in 20 years!), so the focus is off on some. I do love this lens, though. I just have to get better to use it right. 

A couple of my friends agreed that it would be fun to drive across the back side of San Diego County this weekend, so we started up Couser Canyon, Palomar Mountain (the picture above is from the East Grade), Mesa Grande, up to Julian (and a quick stop at Nickel Brewing) and down Sunrise Highway and to Alpine Brewing for dinner.  The weather was freaking amazing, there was very little traffic, and much fun was had by all. I am lucky to have friends that enjoy doing silly things with me.