Well, I didn't take a picture today. I think since I took some really great stuff over the weekend, its ok. But really I shouldn't use that as an excuse. I have all kinds of excuses:

  • I left my camera at home when I left for work. 
  • I left my camera at home when I left for work after coming home from lunch. 
  • I got home late and made dinner then it was dark. 

All aren't good enough, really. But it happens! Then, because of my redoing of my main computer, I worked on getting things installed and didn't process any photos. *sigh* Oh well, here is an old picture. 


Today's photos are a little more fancy than most daily shots, which I guess is a bad thing. ALL of my daily shots should be awesome and amazing. But, some days just don't pan out like others!

Today I changed the oil and washed and waxed my beloved FRS 10 Series. I need to get a new buffer, mine is over 10 years old and makes so much noise when it is running it is fatiguing! So on my way to dinner I grabbed a couple shots...

Then when I went to dinner, my first choice was everyone else's first choice also. So I drove to a near by brewery to see if the had a food truck. Not just a food truck, they had a tent, with sushi.

On my way home I drove down some roads that I hadn't been down to see if there were some good shoot spots, and I found a place that someone had a little fun at. In something with a lot more power than I have, but it made for a neat shot I think.