San Diego Photographer - David Moore
© David Moore


OK, now this is being written "on time". Late night of the 27 of July, so it is on the same day. I left my camera in my Pelican case from the shoot the day before, so I didn't have it with me at work. I only got a few moments of wandering around a little before sundown.


I am posting this a day late. My excuse is I didn't even get home until 12:30am today (2015-07-27) and I only shot a few test images with the Fuji this day. Most of the shooting, well, ALL of the actual shooting was done with the Canon 5D3, but I got in a couple test shots and figured I would see how the image came out. Still getting used to working with the Fuji's raw files, but this is a test shot I got.


Today there are more pictures than normal. I went to Cruisin' Grand in Escondido and wandered around a little. So, here are the pictures.