Woke up to rain and thunder. Not quite the normal greeting from mother nature in July in Souther California.

Dumpling Inn, good beer and good food.

On my way to dinner I figured I would stop and get a few shots in before dark. 

365 Photo project?

Well, the other day I bought a new camera, a Fuji X-T10. And I have taken a few photos with it every day since then. Will it become a 365 project? Who knows! Let's see how long I can keep it up for.

These are each from the first 5 days, how many will I go for! Who knows!

Cleaning the dirt off the car.

Been way too busy with NONphotographic things lately, which stinks! And I haven't been taking my camera out for "fun" much anymore. I mean, it is ALL fun, but too often for me lately its all been serious shoots. I haven't just grabbed a camera and seen what happens.

So, on Easter Sunday I had a day off and decided to spend all day washing, claying and waxing my car. So I figured I'd have a little fun with it when I was done. I always try to time my car washing to end in time for me to do a shoot with my newly clean car near sunset. Also, I wanted to try out this new possible shoot spot for cars.

I was laying int he middle of the street to shoot these, thankfully no one was working on Easter Sunday in that area!

Hopefully I'll get to shoot some more cars and trucks this year. I have a pretty neat set I shot for slam'd mag that hopefully will be coming out soon. I won't be going to the track to shoot much this year, so hopefully I'll get a lot more feature type shoots to do!

Part One of Three. Pink.

Going up and bugging my friends at Wonderland Studios is always helpful when I need help with my creativity. They were making these head flowered head pieces, and I thought they would be a great basis for a series of images.

Luckily, Lucy O'Doll was up for the idea, and helped me start the project. She had a couple of very talented friends that were willing to help with hair and makeup ( Lindsey Summer and John Alvarado). So we rented some time at Wonderland, and with the owner and in house designer, Cheri, was there to help with styling!

I really love how the images came out, and I am looking forward to putting together two more shoots based on the other two similar head pieces they made.