Part One of Three. Pink.

Going up and bugging my friends at Wonderland Studios is always helpful when I need help with my creativity. They were making these head flowered head pieces, and I thought they would be a great basis for a series of images.

Luckily, Lucy O'Doll was up for the idea, and helped me start the project. She had a couple of very talented friends that were willing to help with hair and makeup ( Lindsey Summer and John Alvarado). So we rented some time at Wonderland, and with the owner and in house designer, Cheri, was there to help with styling!

I really love how the images came out, and I am looking forward to putting together two more shoots based on the other two similar head pieces they made.

Off roading isn't what my car is made for.

A while ago I signed up for a group shoot with a model I like that was supposed to take place on El Mirage Dry Lake bed. It got delayed several times, but finally was supposed to happen. We all get out there AND, nope. We can not shoot out of the lake bed. So, we head off to find a new spot. After way more off roading then an Scion FRS should do (and thank God I haven't lowered my car yet!) and we find a spot.

I had some equipment issues, but I got to use my new Sigma 50mm f1.4 "Art" lens. Because I wanted to see how sharp it was at 1.4 I shot it wide open way too much, but it did a great job. It being sharp, and the Canon 5D3 having a great autofocus system combine to allow you to shoot like that.

It was a warm day, it was a day with lots of issues, but it I still got a few images I am happy with. I need to go out there on my own shoot with more of plan!

Changing Directions.

This year I made a lot of great images and had a lot of fun chasing those images down, but I didn’t shot NEARLY as much as I was hoping! I definitely let things get in my way. Some I can make excuses for, some I can’t!

This year I bounced back and forth from one kind of photography to another, trying to find out what it is I want to spend my time on. I drove tons, I learned tons, and I shot lot of good and lots of bad stuff! But I think I made some decisions.

I don’t think I will be spending much, if any, time at the race tracks. That may seem like it doesn't make sense, since it was going to races that made me want to shoot in the first place. But photography at the racetrack has taken a good bit of enjoyment out of motorsports for me, so I want to get that back.

Also, my photography has headed in a different direction. Over the years starting to shoot with models has been great fun, and creatively rewarding. It is a type of photography I want to pursue as far as I can. And my processing has gotten a lot better!

Now, I won’t stop shooting anything automotive. I hope to be shooting some more features for slam’d magazine and hopefully others. I want to push what I do with those shoots, and keep getting better and better. And maybe get a rig, haha.

So, I will be busier than ever, and there will be more content here than ever! I'll be doing a tutorial on my processing workflow soon. I think it will be more comical than useful, but hey, it'll maybe help someone!

Friday Evening, and I am Writing a Blog Post

So, yesterday I had a plan to do some table top practice, with beer. I have some beer shots in my portfolio but I am always try to get better and better. I set up the shot, set up the glass, and started testing lights and after a while, I realized I just wasn't happy with what I had. I tried some more, but instead of I would call it a night and go back the drawing board (and probably watch some more Rob Grimm tutorials).

Today I decided to go through what I had and see what was what. I made the above photo from that shoot.

It was rainy and cold (for San Diego) today, so it was overcast and cruddy looking outside. But, in the afternoon I made some tea, walked outside and it was sunny, raining, well misting lightly, but it was sunny. So I grabbed my camera to get some late afternoon light.

Then when I set my tea down, I kind of fell in love with the light and the steam, and took WAY too many photos of a cup sitting on a table. If someone saw me doing this, I am sure they would think I was insane. BUT, what is a photographer going to do? Let really pretty light go to waste? HECK no! haha

Let's see what I can take photos of tomorrow. haha!

Tomatoes and Carrots

For more table top practice, I drove down to Specialty Produce and grabbed a few interesting looking things to light and shoot.

I grabbed a couple beautiful heirloom tomatoes. They always have the pretties ones I have ever seen. Well, all the produce at Specialty Produce is pretty amazing.

I had a lot of fun lighting these things a bunch of different ways, just using one Alien Bees AB800 and a 47 inch octabox, but then angling it a little this way and that, and placing many little cut up pieces of paper to reflect a little light here and there.

These I jsut had to photograph, the color, the textures, I just thought they were great looking.

And to celebrate a long day of shooting I had a glass of rye whiskey.

The lights were set up already, why not shoot it?

Floating Peppers

The other day I bought a box of small peppers to photograph. It was a little box with a lot of tiny little peppers in it, thankfully my 100mm macro lets me get REAL close. haha.

I was shooting them and wanted to make them be a little more seperated from the slate I was using as a background, I decided to try to make them "float".

Try #1Try #1

This was my first try. A very very fancy solution. Broke a toothpick into pieces and jammed them in the back of the pepper. It worked, but was too subtle. This came out like this!

Then I shot the smaller pepper again.

Try #2Try #2

This much less subtle solution was much harder to ballance, BUT I GOT IT TO WORK! haha!

I love trying to make ideas work, its what I liked about working in software companies doing QA, and its was I really love about shooting product and food. Come up with an idea an figure out how to make it work!