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Friday Evening, and I am Writing a Blog Post

So, yesterday I had a plan to do some table top practice, with beer. I have some beer shots in my portfolio but I am always try to get better and better. I set up the shot, set up the glass, and started testing lights and after a while, I realized I just wasn't happy with what I had. I tried some more, but instead of I would call it a night and go back the drawing board (and probably watch some more Rob Grimm tutorials).

Today I decided to go through what I had and see what was what. I made the above photo from that shoot.

It was rainy and cold (for San Diego) today, so it was overcast and cruddy looking outside. But, in the afternoon I made some tea, walked outside and it was sunny, raining, well misting lightly, but it was sunny. So I grabbed my camera to get some late afternoon light.

Then when I set my tea down, I kind of fell in love with the light and the steam, and took WAY too many photos of a cup sitting on a table. If someone saw me doing this, I am sure they would think I was insane. BUT, what is a photographer going to do? Let really pretty light go to waste? HECK no! haha

Let's see what I can take photos of tomorrow. haha!

Suburban Photography

I have had a cold for a week. It would not have lasted that long had I not been foolish enough to go out with a friend for a few beers one night, and to drive up to Willow Springs to attend Big Bore Bash, AND to then go to my friend's photo show. But, it was all worth being a little sick for a day or two more. Trade offs are a bitch!

I have gotten a little stir crazy though, so today I ventured all the way OUTSIDE. WHOA! And I shot with my favorite combo, the Canon 5D3 and Sigma 35mm f1.4.

There has been a lot of talk about "pure photography" lately, with the release of the new Nikon DF with dials on top of it, no video capabilities (yay! I like that part!) and it's retro looks. I have read people saying how using it will be a vacation from your normal cameras, people comparing cameras like the D800 and 5D3 to trucks, just being tools and not fun to use.

Maybe I am odd, but my 5D3 with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 on it is far from a hammer, or pickup truck, or cordless drill. Its a more like a paint brush, or mechanical pencil to me. It is comfy in my hand and it does its job so well it lets me forget about it. I just look around and think up some whacky image I want to make and this thing does as well as I can make it. Its the first camera set up I have used that I don't worry about restrictions with. I don't worry about noise, I don't worry about it missing focus, I don't worry about there being too little light. It frees me up to try ANYTHING.

I don't need metal knobs, retro looks, and pants that are too short to do that, I just need a camera that fits my hand comfortably and works AMAZINGLY.

OK, that off my chest... lol here are 3 random images I took today. I love taking images like these. I need to start just walking and shooting where ever I am at sunset.

Click on the photos to make them bigger!