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Today's photos are a little more fancy than most daily shots, which I guess is a bad thing. ALL of my daily shots should be awesome and amazing. But, some days just don't pan out like others!

Today I changed the oil and washed and waxed my beloved FRS 10 Series. I need to get a new buffer, mine is over 10 years old and makes so much noise when it is running it is fatiguing! So on my way to dinner I grabbed a couple shots...

Then when I went to dinner, my first choice was everyone else's first choice also. So I drove to a near by brewery to see if the had a food truck. Not just a food truck, they had a tent, with sushi.

On my way home I drove down some roads that I hadn't been down to see if there were some good shoot spots, and I found a place that someone had a little fun at. In something with a lot more power than I have, but it made for a neat shot I think.

2013-09-21 Carlsbad Cars

Went down to my local (3 miles away) Saturday morning car gathering. I was pretty blurry brained this morning because I was up late playing GTAV and watching reruns of The Untouchables. The Untouchables is a seriously rad show, you should watch it.

SO anyways, I went to Carlsbad Cars this morning and tried out my new Sigma 18-35mm f1.8. It certainly isn't the ZOMG amazeballs lens that the Sigma 35mm 1.4 is, but I am pretty happy with it. A crop sensor just isn't a full frame sensor, but I still like it. Just have been spoiled for a while, have to get over that!

When I got to Carlsbad Cars I was surprised to see Scott with The Homer pulling off the trailer and parking. Had no idea he was coming up to this! There was some interesting cars aside from that (you can see plenty of photos of The Homer elsewhere on this site!) and I grabbed a few photos of them, check them out.