San Diego Photographer - David Moore
© David Moore

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2016-04-24 Liberty Station

I had nothing to do this afternoon (ok I could have cleaned, organized, taken things out of boxes that I should have taken out of boxes 6 months ago, details details), so I decided I would go check out Liberty Market in Liberty Station. I could walk a little, take some pictures, and check the place out. When I get to Liberty Station, it is a beautiful day out, I find parking, and walk to Liberty Market where I find a mass of people standing around packed in like sardines looking for some cool foodie experience. I took a photo and left to walk to the other side of Liberty Station to a sushi place that is ok. BUT I got a little extra walking in, so I guess that is ok. 

Camera nerd notes - shot with my Fuji XT10 with a Contax G 45mm f2 lens.