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Cars and Coffee Irvine 09-14-2013

Some amazingly awesome friends of mine race in the 24 Hours of LeMons and have built The Homer. I helped a tiny teeny bit on it, and they let me take pictures of it. Go over to their site to read the whole story, but its a 325e that has been racing with LeMons almost from the start. And it doesn't just look good, it has taken 2 5th place finishes and an 8th I believe. Not bad when you consider the number of cars at the start is usualy well north of 100!!

This weekend they hauled it up to Cars and Coffee in Irvine held in the parking lot of a Mazda corporate building (and Taco Bell corporate is where the spectators park). So it sounded like a fabulous excuse to go, see my friends, and then goof off around Orange County for the day. Here is a gallery of photos from Cars and Coffee. I particularly would like to drive the Nismo Nissan Leaf RC.